Democratising Education for
Global Sustainability and Justice

The Democratising Education for Global Sustainability and Justice programme is pleased to celebrate the success of its second year, contributing to closing the sustainable development law and policy capacity gap by providing intensive online courses to participants from the world’s most climate-vulnerable, low-income countries. The programme is co-hosted by Lucy Cavendish College and Hughes Hall at the University of Cambridge and generously funded by Dr Gabrielle Bacon, Co-Chair of The Moore Charitable Foundation.

By the end of its second year, the programme has developed six online short courses on sustainable development and key international treaties, taken by over 5,000 learners from more than 130 countries. The newest courses focus on Trade Rules and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and their connection with Sustainable Development, and the Law. The other four courses teach learners about the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, the Wealth Economy and the Global Biodiversity Framework. All courses are taught by world-renowned experts from various University of Cambridge departments and international partner organisations, such as the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law. Each course provides access to leading materials, two live classroom engagement sessions on Zoom, and several hours of independent, self-paced work through assessments. Successful completion of the six online courses also offers learners potential scholarship opportunities for more intensive professional development courses provided through Cambridge Advance Online.

The programme prioritises learners from least developed countries and highly climate-vulnerable regions, engaging in partnerships with these countries’ ministries to effectively target these learners. The programme especially celebrates the partnership established in its second year with Sierra Leone and its Minister for Higher Education and Minister for Climate Change. The mission of the programme is to democratise education on sustainable development law and policy and to strengthen the capacity of future leaders and policymakers. Therefore, the programme is especially proud to have received over 10,000 expressions of interest from over 160 countries in its second year.

The programme’s growth, especially throughout its second year, has enabled it to award two visiting fellowships to undergraduate students from Brown University and Yale University. These fellows have been instrumental in supporting the launch of a new website and establishing a visual identity across social media. The programme is now represented on four platforms—X, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram—where the accounts have gained over 1,100 followers.

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